June 19, 2018

Urban Gypsy

Urban Gypsy & Olga Chernyshova (The Man I Love)

Urban Gypsy - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Vivid but not vulgar, feminine but not fussy, in general, typical Frenchie - Olga Chernyshova.

Another name you cannot skip in a conversation about Urban Gypsy. She was one of the best R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music Faculty of Jazz graduates. Had experience of cooperating with Jamala, Freedom-Jazz and many others.

Urban Gypsy stands for high quality music and sure enough for bright experiments, which is why their terrific mix of pop and jazz creates an exclusive sound and conjures up Parisian chic, French easiness and lightheartedness.

The talented team has already managed to make jazz musicians and pop music fans, but they just wouldn’t stop and keep going for music critics’ hearts!

And don’t be surprised if jazz will sweep you off your feet too at Urban Gypsy concerts.