July 22, 2018

Urban Gypsy

If you combine fiery and passionate gypsy spirit with the 30-40-ies jazz rhythms you will get an outlandish cocktail called gypsy jazz or jazz manouche.

The founder of this unique style is considered to be the guitarist Jean Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt, nicknamed "The Great Django".

Musician’s lack of classical education, along with severe injury did not prevent him from masterfully playing guitar. Amazingly, The Great Django used only two left hand fingers when playing, due to being injured in a fire.

On the Ukrainian expanses, a talented team Urban Gypsy, is continuing "Django" Reinhardt’s traditions. Two guitars, violin and double bass – the band includes traditional jazz manouche acoustic string instruments.

That’s exactly why you can enjoy the softness of acoustic sound and the swing’s drive at the same time during Urban Gypsy concerts.

Every band member is fully devoted to music and is in love with jazz manouche, but each one – in their own way. Therefore Urban Gypsy’s performance is always an interweaving of many different, sometimes unexpected emotions and feelings.

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