July 29, 2016


Urban Gypsy — collective of musicians playing jazz in the European direction, also known as Now French Jazz, Gypsy-Swing or Jazz-Manouche.

Jazz-Manouche — the music originated in France 30 years of the twentieth century, the main feature of which is a virtuoso performance, positive and bright gypsy intonation.

The composition Urban Gypsy includes two guitars, violin and double bass — the traditional tools for this style. That acoustic stringed instruments create the characteristic sound direction Gypsy-Jazz.

Group members: Dmitry Kushnirov (guitar), Matvey Mironov (violin), Dmitry Kovalenko (guitar) and Nikolai Kistenev (double bass).

Dmitry Kushnirov is an endorser of Mauro Freschi Guitars, and he plays the guitar model 1910

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